Remulak - Earth (Cassette Tape)

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Village Live Records present: Remulak - Earth
Cat: TVI008
Release date: (Pre order 11th June) 7PM (GMT) Shipping begins around 11/07/17
Available on Ltd Gatefold vinyl, 100 splattered, 200 black vinyl all w/ obi strip, Cassette & digital outlets

Shipping begins around 11/07/17

We are very proud to present our latest album, Village Live local, Remulak’s debut LP ‘Earth’. Earth has been a long time in the making and is finally brought to you in this great package, designed by Mr Krum.

Visually, the album creates a real sense of nostalgia, with the cover being a shot of Remulak from his childhood in the early 80’s and the gatefold image taken by Remulak’s mum in the early 90’s.

Remulak has given us an insight into his versatility here, providing us with a variety of moods, some funky, some emotive and some gloomier sounds, whilst still maintaining consistency throughout the album.

Available as 100 limited edition splatter LP’s (pictured) 200 black LP’s, Cassettes & available on several major digital outlets