Funkonami - Deep Into The Forest (Vinyl)

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Village live presents Our fifth record and third full length LP 'Deep Into The Forest' by Funkonami: a rich and organic tapestry of the toughest instrumental Hip Hop.

Run of 300 LP's, first 100 ordered will received limited edition green wax with custom OBI strip. Shipping begins 22nd November

Listen to the Album Snippets mixed by Evil Ed

Residing in the great city of Athens Greece, Funkonami has been busy in the lab crafting this 90s infused masterpiece which we have taken great care to bring to you in the physical formats of vinyl, tape and CD. Fourteen tracks deep, produced entirely with an E-mu sp1200, AKAI s950, Ensoniq EPS16+ and programmed with an AKAI MPC1000 the listener is presented with all the gritty warmth of Hip Hop’s golden era.