Ded Tebiase - Seventy Five (Vinyl)

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'Seventy Five' is Bristol Based producer, Ded Tebiase's debut solo album.

The album provides a nice balance of instrumental and vocal tracks, collaborating with a very select group of MC's, such as Iron Braydz, Mnsr Frites, Risskant, Hozay & Dee Green.

Cover Photo - Lydia Groves
Mastered by Mr Brown
Cover artwork by Mo Fingaz
Screen Printed by Squared Roots

Limited to 300 copies

Promo mix of the album 'Seventy Five'

Ded Tebiase - Seventy Five

Ded Tebiase Ft Risskant - The Water

Ded Tebiase Ft Iron Braydz (Da Flyy Hooligan) - Plush (Official Video)