Chairman Maf - 1976 (Cassette Tape)

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Following on from our first full length release 'Seventy Five' by Ded Tebiase, it felt only right that '1976' by Chairman Maf should be next in line.


'1976' was originally released in 2013, exactly 3 years ago to the date and has remained a firm favourite of ours since it's initial CD release. Due to this fact, we got in contact with Maf and are proud to present to you a one off vinyl run of this monumental instrumental hiphop album.

Chairman Maf has been producing soulful, hard hitting hiphop with a cinematic feel for 13+ years and has built up a solid reputation up and down the country and further ashore, including being listed in IMN's top 50 independent unsigned worldwide urban acts in 2013. Originally residing from Cambridge, his journey of beatmaking began in Liverpool, then onto Sheffield and Bristol. He produced the title track 'Prawns' on Dirty Dike's successful 2015 album 'Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight' and has worked with and produced for a long list of artists, including Inja, Kingpin, Cyclonius, Loudmouth Melvin, Skuff & many more.

'1976' is 15 tracks of instrumental wizardry and firmly cements Chairman Mafs position as one of the finest hiphop producers in the UK. Proudly presented by Village Live as a one off run of Vinyl LP's and a limited run of 100 cassettes, this is a must have for anybody that previously purchased a '1976' CD upon release, anybody that has followed Maf's body of work over the years and for anybody that is a fan of intricate, melodic, hiphop.

Recorded and Mixed by Chairman Maf @ Gorilla Finger Studios.
Mastering and Artwork by Chemo @ Kilamanjaro Studios, London

Limited to 100 Copies